Stat-x Fire Suppression Generator

Stat-x is a fast acting aerosol fire suppression system for installation in enclosed facilities. It is an innovative product from United States and has acquired a number of international listings e.g. UL, ULC, ECB, ActivFire Listed of Australia, etc.  The product has been certified by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of USA that it has no Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and No Global Warming Potential.

Stat-x comes in non-pressurized canister; it could be activated via electrical connection and can be triggered by electrical fire alarm panel through detectors.  Another method would be via thermal by sensing the surrounding temperature.  When Stat-x is activated, ultra-fine particulate is discharged from the canister.  The particulate is less than 2 microns.

Our system does not require piping, pressure vessels and refilling of gases.  It has a smaller footprint as compared to other system where our system does not require storage space for pressure cylinders.  And last but not least, our system has a faster recovery after a fire, thereby minimizing the downtime.





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